1. Teacher Vacancy is available for AY 2024-25 (please view Career with us under Recruitment Tab) For more details please contact. 7016956118. 2. Admission for Standard XI (Science Stream) has commenced for Academic year 2024-25, For more details refer to Admission Tab >>'Admissions Guidelines'.

Vision of NCS Porbandar


1. To be a leading school in India which grooms children of the Naval Community to be individuals with active and creative minds.To nurture in students, a sense of compassion and basic human values as they learn and acquire life skills. 

2. To adapt and innovate pedagogical methods so as to achieve academic excellence and emotional well being. 

3. To provide infrastructure that facilitates holistic development and equal opportunities that will bring a smile on the face of every student. 

4. To deliver unto young global citizens who are as much individuals as team players, with as much pride as modesty and as much commitment to honesty as confidence in his/her beliefs.